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The School and its programmes

How come you provide British educational programmes in Moscow?

What is the standard of the BA (Hons) degrees awarded to BHSAD graduates?

Are degrees from the University of Hertfordshire recognised in Europe?

What is the standard of the Foundation Diploma in Art & Design?

Who are the tutors?

What is the language of delivery?

What is the average age of the students?

Does BHSAD get involved in the placement of its graduates?

Application process

Are there any restrictions for citizens of other countries wishing to apply to study at BHSAD?

How do I apply to study?

What are the entry requirements for BA courses?

What are the entry requirements for Foundation Diploma in Art and Design?

Can I enroll on Year 1 or Year 2 without completing a Diploma in Foundation Art & Design?

What are the requirements for the English Entry Exam?

Settling in Moscow

Does the School provide visa support?

How will I find accommodation?

What's public transport like in Moscow?

Does Moscow have much to offer culturally?

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