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BHSAD, Middlesex University and Slashstroke Magazine launch an interactive project open to the public in GRAD gallery in London


Students from two different disciplines and two different countries collaborate and communicate in the development of a project, working from different perspectives and sharing their process of work to produce a new platform of expression and engagement that promotes global networking and flexible, progressive thinking.

Fashion Communication student's work is about the modern communication of design in terms of art direction, styling, image making and editorial. The collaboration with Fashion Design is an opportunity to consider about design processes in relation to a wider audience whlist investigating a broader spectrum of reference. 

Over the past few weeks both sets of students have been swapping development work and experimenting with one another's ideas. The final stage of their collaboration is released situ at GRAD gallery in London where a 3D set is being built to house and showcase the work in progress and resulting final outcomes.

The public are invited to observe and interact with this experiment of sharing mixed references and form their own questions on creative DNA and cultural origins.  

Today the exhibition is open to the public with a live project involving students and Slashstroke working in situ to create the final works which will form part of the actual Exhibition. 

On June 8th the private view will showcase the work produced so far by the students and public with a specially designed interactive project for the night. A DNA SWAP collage and montage shoot booth, where guests will be photographed as part of the work, adding their own creative DNA to the project.

Gradually over the week the space will fill up with visuals produced by all involved. 





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