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BA (Hons) Fashion graduates presented degree collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia 2015


This year's showcase featured the strongest and most dynamic collections from 6 graduates, showing a diverse range of talent, skill and creative endeavor within the discipline: Anna Golovina, Sasha Feoktistova, Ekaterina Shtepa, Anna Kreidenko,  Anna Tsykunova, and Marina Rainina. 

All the collections are available on the Vogue Russia

Anna Golovina (GOLOVINA) presented Collection of New Femininity, which communicates the inner femininity, fragility and strength of the con­temporary woman. Independent, self-sufficient and powerful woman of XXI century still needs to preserve her inner femininity. The collection fuses masculine elements and inner femininity in order to represent a new woman. The colour palette comes from desaturated, soft and pastel images representing tenderness and delicacy of a woman. Edwardian tea dress became the main reference to a traditional feminine standard and feed the collection with highly ornate and decorated elements. Military accessories inspired this collection for copper tubes that are reminiscent of ammunition and camouflage pattern. Such elements give the collection a taste of harshness yet the flowing fabrics and textiles bring us back to elegance and true feminine power.

Sasha Feoktistova's Sea Change collection appeared as a personal exploration of how travel can evoke and inspire enlightenment and liberation. The designer explores how travel can transform the mind to help easing and healing psychological problems through different cultures and traditions, as well as ways of life. This collection is Alexandra's own "postcard" and nostalgic and particular view, a memory of transformative and enlightening summer interlude. 

Ekaterina Shtepa (Kate Shtepa) presented Urban State of Mind collection, a reflection of Moscow brutalist and Constructivist architecture together with the rhythm of life and people’s altering perceptions of the city. The contemporary city is a multi-layered complex mix of geometric shapes and spaces, sometimes overwhelming in its monumentality, but at the same time giving a person confidence and stability in his life, the ability to see light and beauty even on a dismal day of everyday lifestyle.

Anna Kreidenko's (KRDN) Metropolitan collection was inspired by urban myths that surround the Moscow Metro. People believe that ghosts, dead souls and other spirits are trapped there. Every month diggers explore countless tunnels of the metro, searching for adventures. The collection reflects dark and surreal energy of the metro, which is translated though dusty mesh and other innovative materials. Printdesigns are created out of the original photographs of the Metropolitan at night. Iconic text «Do Not Touch» fit the urbanistic and contemporary context. 

Anna Tsykunova's (Tsykunova) Shan Zhai collection explores the ambiguity of counterfeiting culture in the contemporary world. Referencing the fundamentals of Chinese Philosophy, where imitation is perceived as a step towards innovation, designer aims to reveal the fast copying activity as an independent art form, which offers the surreal alternative of accustomed things. The concept is built on juxtaposition of handmade activity with industrial production, which is interpreted throughout collection in exaggeration of forms, displacement of garment details, transformation of packaging patterns into geometric cut of the garments and replication of Chinese craftsmanship out of synthetic materials.

Marina Rainina presented Disappear collection, which philisophy explores the possibility of quantum physics for one to teleport. The colour palette of the collection pulls us into the black hole. The silhouettes demonstrate the physical aspects of the black hole and its gravitation aspects. We start disappearing from our skin, which is translated in distressed leather that reflects the texture as the eye iris. When disappearing we deconstruct and become electrons placed as print on layers of organza. The technique used for knitting reflects multiverses where we might exist...  

 The BA (Hons) Fashion course mission lies in forming an elite community of professionals, trained to the highest international standards and ready to compete within the global art and design market. The course attracts industrial links leading to a number of live projects and collaborations with companies such as Adidas Originals, JNBY and TopShop, as well as internship opportunities with the following designers: Giles Deacon, Adidas Originals, All Saints, Danielle Scutt, Louise Gray, Mary Katrantzou, ZDDZ London, Eudon Choi and Oswald Boateng. The graduates have gone on to work in a variety of careers within fashion design, working with iconic international brands such as Adidas Originals, Haider Ackermann, as well as establishing labels that are gaining an international following such as ZDDZ (Dasha Selyanova) and Alisa Kuzembaeva who are now showing their collections during New York Fashion week and Paris Fashion week. Fans of BA (Hons) Fashion graduates include Lady Gaga and Rita Ora.  

Course Director - Clare Lopeman. 


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