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Graduates designed a library that you don't want to leave


Graduates from Interior Design CPD programme Victoria Korneyeva and Natalia Yevstafyeva won an opportunity to create a new library for Gubkin Oil & Gas University's new building in 2011. The project took four years to implement, and finally the library was opened to public, surprising the students with its interesting interior design solutions.

Functionality was of great importance to the project. Besides, the library's stylistic, socio-cultural and architectural specifics also needed to be accounted for. Work with such interior implies logical structuring of crowd flows, comprehensive navigation, convenient usage of resources from its reserves and archives. Fitting reading halls and computer classes with ergonomic and functional furniture was key in designing these spaces where visitors actually spend time working.

The authors took great care while working with light sources and general colors of the halls. The proposed solutions followed the principles of visual ecology. Comfortable white background allows students to focus on reading, while brightly colored features, unusual forms and textures give them opportunity to switch attention and rest. Lack of unnecessary details provides physiological comfort, and meticulously designed lights are good for the readers' eyes. The library makes wide use of modern technology, such as multifunctional automated information system that checks availability of books and registers those who take them.

Victoria Korneyeva and Natalia Yevstafyeva won an award for their project at "Book. Culture. Education. Innovation" professional forum. Now our graduates have their own architectural bureau, Shkaf Architects, where they design interiors, small architecture, furniture and exhibition stands.

Photo ©  Yuriy Grishko


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