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Jim Morris, president of Pixar, gave speech to our students


Several hundreds of guests attended the event, including students from Scream School, Moscow Film School, Moscow School of Architecture and BHSAD. After opening speech by representatives of Walt Disney Russia, a word was given to Jim Morris, who began with a quick overview of the company's history.

Pixar has been making animated films for over a quarter of a century and holds title for most commercially successful studio in the world. Other than animation, the company develops its own state-of-the-art solutions for computer graphics used to generate vivid and realistic images and visual effects.

On the example of the studio's feature animated movies, Jim Morris demonstrated evolution of complexity in computed graphics and animation. In the beginning, Pixar created what now can be called relatively simple images, but further on they involved new features and perks. For instance, characters from Toy Story (released in 1995) had flexible joints, which made them more anthropomorphic, or human-like. It sounds ordinary in terms of simple cartoon animation, but for computer animation it was a groundbreaking achievement at the time. Each new animated movie by Pixar has both characters and their surrounding done at a higher level of detalization. Complicated textures require hundreds and even thousands of hours to render, but it is worth it, because incredible realism has practically erased the difference between animated movies and ordinary motion pictures.

Jim Morris continued to explain how movies are born in Pixar studio. The process of creating a feature animated films can take up to five years. It all begins not with a ready plot, but with a choice of a screenwriter who is then asked to create several stories. The one that seems the most interesting is later tested in numerous focus groups, and only after approval by top management the visual implementation begins.

The studio has more than a hundred animators and about 30 more people responsible for finalizing the scenes. Total number of employees is over 1,600 and is constantly expanding. However, it isn't an easy place to get in, because for each professional in this field Pixar is a work of his dream that he won't let go. To those who are willing to work at Pixar Animation Studios Jim Morris advised to never give up and keep perfecting their professional skills. With this approach the ultimate goal can one day appear within the reach.


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