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Applicants interested in the British Higher Education programmes: BA Graphic Design, BA Illustration, BA Fashion Design, BA Interior Architecrure & Design, BA Product Design, BA Fine Art and BA Photography are invited to attend.


The closing ceremony of the joint project of the British Higher School of Art and Design and the Vremena Goda Galleries as part of the UK-Russia Year of Culture took place on the 31st of October. BHSAD's students received monetary prizes and and invitations to the London.


This year’s showcase features the strongest and most dynamic final degree collections from our 6 graduate class of 2014, showing a diverse range of talent, skill and creative endeavor within the discipline.


The British Higher School of Art and Design is pleased to announce the appointment of three new tutors who will continue the Schools' commitment to academic excellence.


The British Higher School of Art and Design would like to announce the appointment of Anastasia Butrym as its new Director. The main purpose of this change is to strengthen the School’s position on the market of creative education and further enhance its reputation.


In July Alisa Minkina and Alexey Zhukov, the winners of "The best SEAT concept car designs for the future" contest, underwent a work experience month in the SEAT Design Сenter in Spain.


This year BA Product Design course celebrates its anniversary. About 10 years course director and leader Umberto Giraudo prepares brand new designers and build the Russian product design market from the very beginning.


This year BHSAD managed to win two Yellow Pencils in the annual D&AD New Blood Awards for 2014, which are considered as the major awards. Students from CPD Interactive Design and New Media course achieved the latest important victories.


BA Fashion students completed a project with Adidas Originals. The students were offered to develop a concept of Firebird traditional tracksuit for Russian market.


The largest annual exhibition of BHSAD students and graduates took place at ARTPLAY Design Centre from June 25th to June 30th. This year only the best design projects were selected for the exhibition.


During the training module, BA Product Design students developed and integrated design of the exterior and interior for the future urban car.


The latest important victory was achieved by our alumni Elena Medvedeva which has got the prestigious award for GET WELL KIT project, an iPhone case that works together with an app.


This year three BHSAD students were marked at Post It Awards, an international design competition for students. The competition’s main goal is to give each student the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in design and art.


Applicants interested in the British Higher Education programmes: BA Graphic Design, BA Illustration, BA Fashion Design, BA Interior Architecrure & Design, BA Product Design, BA Fine Art and BA Photography are invited to attend.


The University of Hertfordshire, which works in close partnership with British Higher School of Art and Design, is recognized as one of the top 100 universities in the world under 50 years old, according to the new Times Higher Education 100 under 50 rankings.


The final exhibition of BA Fine Art students – OBJECTS3 – will be held at School on May 22-23.


Vika Nurislamova, BA Graphic Design student (Level 5), made an interesting project. The brief was to learn and understand how basic electronics work and make a piece of work using electronics and coding.


BA Interior Architecture and Design student, Alan Khadikov (Level 5), won a competition and has designed the interior space of the Exhibition. Design concept is based on the work of Kazimir Malevich, "athlete", transmitting dualistic mood rivalry, will to win and at the same time, inner doubts and confusion.


The 2nd year BA Illustration students were given an unexpected brief: they were asked to sketch costumes, and then to transform their 2D sketches into 3D life-size, wearable costumes, which could be photographed in a range of environments.


April 4 – 30, 2014, CPD Fashion Design course graduates Dina Faradzheva, Olga Kozina, Irina Gaynullina and Lubov Gundorova will present their capsule collections at Debenhams department store.


BHSAD students created a package design for the range of the innovative SPLAT products . The line of cleaning products, BioMio, is already on sale in the stores throughout Russia.


BA Product Design students completed a joint project with «Topiary World» Company, which develops and manufactures items from metal wire. The students were offered to create interior design objects from non-ferrous wire.


During the semester, students worked on the real brief from the restaurant chain, analyzing the main trends in world development systems and order pizza delivery, and then conducted studies of consumer behavior.


Portfolio Reviews will take place on Saturday, March 1st, 2014. This will include presentations and an analysis of prospective students’ work for the Foundation Art and Design Diploma at BHSAD.


BHSAD have participated in large-scale project of the Contemporary Culture Center. «Art-experiment» works as a creative laboratory, where the standard exhibition display idea has been revised. During the three years of the project was attended by more than 20,000 visitors.


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