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The unprecedented benefit of the British Higher School of Art and Design rests in receiving international diplomas whilst studying in Russia. This opportunity is offered on the higher education programmes validated by the University of Hertfordshire (UK).

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The main principle lies in the fact that graduates of British higher education courses offered in Russia are provided with certificates including international academic awards from the University of Hertfordshire. This opens unlimited opportunities for our students in terms of career planning on a global level. Through their direct participation, Moscow is becoming one of the world's creative hubs alongside London, New York, Paris, and Tokyo.

Thanks to the loan system and validated educational programmes, the years spent under the tutelage of the British Higher School of Art and Design turn into a freely convertible asset which the student may carry over to practically any Western educational establishment.

During their final year leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts students can study either in Moscow or in the UK depending on their choice. The final year, spent in Britain, gives far-reaching connections and direct contact with English culture. It is also a great opportunity to become part of the infectious drive of London whose special atmosphere channels energy to artists and designers from all over the world and serves as a nourishing environment for great ideas and fantastic projects.

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Another type of programmes run by the British Higher School of Art & Design are Continuing Professional Development programmes designed and delivered in conformity with the nation-wide standards.

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These programmes are aimed at applying knowledge to the Russian design market. The stress here is on achieving specific and practice-oriented goals, which allows students to further develop their relevant skills and increase their competitiveness on the market within a reasonable time-span.

To those with a limited range of design skills, the School offers 2-year introductory level programmes: Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design, and Photography. More experienced designers wishing to further develop and perfect their skills can choose from among a variety of one- or two-year CPD programmes.

Among the staff on these programmes are famous designers and well-known professionals from relevant fields. All programmes are delivered in Russian, after completing the course of study graduates are awarded Russian CPD diplomas.

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