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Programmes validated by the University of Hertfordshire (UK) for delivery at BHSAD in Moscow:

  • BA (Hons) Fashion
  • BA (Hons) Fine Art
  • BA (Hons) Graphic Design
  • BA (Hons) Illustration 
  • BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design
  • BA (Hons) Photography
  • BA (Hons) Product Design

The distinctive benefit of the British Higher School of Art and Design rests in receiving a British degree whilst studying in Russia. This opportunity is offered on the higher education programmes validated by the University of Hertfordshire (UK).

Graduates of British higher education courses offered in Russia are provided with academic awards from the University of Hertfordshire. This opens wide opportunities for our students in terms of career planning on a global level.

Thanks to the credit system and validated educational programmes, the years spent at the British Higher School of Art and Design turn into a freely convertible asset which the student may carry over to most Western educational institutions.

Needless to say that BHSAD students can freely transfer to the University of Hertfordshire and return back in any semester during their studies.

To augment and complement our degree programmes we offer a comprehensive Foundation Art and Design course that helps to prepare for undegraduate programmes, and identify future educational opportunities and areas of study.


The course is offered to those who wish to pursue a career in illustration, graphic design, advertising, packaging design among other fields. This programme provides a strong work-related experience aligned to graphic design and illustration, with students increasingly specialising in one of these two during the period of study.


This course is focused on creating innovative design solutions to various contemporary issues inherent in the private and public spheres of the architectural environment. The conceptual ideas and technical skills development are supported through an interdisciplinary approach to design that includes: installation art, scenography, cinematic space, furniture design and architecture as they are applied in interior and spatial design.


This programme provides an opportunity to experience and develop the skills and processes involved in the professional practice of product design. Approaches are centred around consumer goods, where issues surrounding everyday manufactured products are developed and explored. The programme investigates the cultural, technical and commercial factors which influence the development of innovative new products, and it introduces the creative and professional strategies which underpin design.


The BA (Hons) Fashion Programme is an exciting and challenging programme of study with Graduates and Alumni directing change and innovation within the Russian Fashion industry and re-establishing its perception both locally and globally.


If you want to work towards a career as a professional photographer or in related media professions this course is designed for you. You are prepared for employment in a range of photographic professions which include commercial, client led practices such as advertising and editorial photography through to documentary photography and personally defined fine art photography, as well as related fields of employment such as production, picture editing, curating and gallery management.


At BA (Hons) Illustration we train students in narrative art forms such as picture books, comics, animation, short films and interactive digital environments, and provide a welcoming environment for the development of work in craft-based areas, such as printmaking, ceramics, street art and textiles. As such, Illustration is a diverse and exciting subject area and provides a memorable student experience. Working across this wide range of practices, we place emphasis both on working with ingenuity and professionalism on commercial briefs; whilst also developing distinctive work following personal agendas.


The Fine Art course is designed to guide students towards establishing an independent contemporary art practice that is critically informed and technically proficient. This programme will help to firmly establish working practices for young artists that ultimately enable them to compete in the local and International art markets, and find their individual place within the wider art world and related activities. Not only will they have a profound knowledge of arts and be able to interpret artistic traditions, but they will be capable of, first and foremost, generating bright innovative ideas and transmitting them across to their viewers via a wide range of media – from classic art to ultramodern mediatechnologies.


This challenging one-year course introduces you to design concepts and practices and give you the knowledge, breadth, intensive preparation and quality of work necessary to get a place on a variety of HE courses at the School or elsewhere. The diagnostic nature of the course helps you to discover and develop your strengths, achieve the standard required for studying at HE programmes at a British HE institution, and to choose your preferred pathway option.


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