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Continuing Professional Development courses are designed and delivered in conformity with the nation-wide standards. These programmes are aimed at applying knowledge to the rapidly developing Russian design market. The stress here is on achieving specific and practice-oriented goals, which allows students to further develop their relevant skills and increase their competitiveness on the market within a reasonable time-span. Among the staff on these programmes are famous designers and well-known professionals from relevant fields. All programmes are delivered in Russian, after completing the course of study graduates are awarded Russian CPD diplomas.
Introductory Course
This is a dynamic and challenging enough course that questions stereotypes and stretches minds and, as a result, forms a good foundation for further professional development and growth in the creative industries. This six-month programme will appeal mainly to applicants who want to bridge gaps in their design education, acquire general design skills and competencies and plan to continue to study and progress to CPD programmes.


Media Design
This one-year programme is developed for full-time designers and artists of publishing houses and media industry, as well as for graphic designers who want to gain advanced skills in publishing design and interactive media for further specialization in this area.


Creative Leadership (Design Management)
The one-year course is specially tailored for those who deal with managing creative processes - creative and art directors, account and brand managers, marketing managers and directors. The course introduces students to the latest achievements in effective organisation and management of design processes.


Fashion Design
This 2-year (4-semester) retraining / professional development course is for those applicants who, although lacking a formal design background or/and experience and would like to master fashion design and gain knowledge and skills to start working professionally in this area.


Graphic Design
This 2-year course is essentially a retraining one aimed at people who either lack formal design qualifications or who have never worked as designers, but want to try their hands at a new and interesting activity in graphic design. The course can be seen as the first stage of a design education that will allow students to broaden their knowledge and acquire the skills they will use when working as graphic designers.


Jewellery Design
This programme is a response to the dynamic development the jewelry industry has seen in the last few years. It gives an opportunity to obtain basic design skills and the knowledge behind the history of jewelry design.


This one-year programme is designed for students who want to realize themselves in the art of illustration and begin their professional careers. The aims across the degree programmes are to produce graduates whose engagement with cultural practice is well-informed both critically and historically.


Theatre Design
This one-year multidisciplinary programme is focused on the creative professionals, who wants to understand the intricacies of the theatre from the inside and then to specialize in this field further. The programme includes close work with the space and the person in it: a conceptual space solution - using light to transform an environment, interrelation between theatrical space and a human, theatre and performance practices, transformation of scenography. The students will gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in forefront of both traditional and contemporary art practices. The course was founded with the participation of leading members of theater, film, and television.


Interior Design
This retraining/professional development course lasting 2 years (4 semesters) is meant for people with no solid design background or a qualification in design, but who would like to be trained to work as interior designers. The course can be seen as the first stage of a design education that will allow students to broaden their knowledge and acquire the skills they will use in designing interiors for private and public buildings.


Visual Communications
A 2-year course of visual communications targets practising designers who want to develop their professional skills in graphic design and advertising with the aim of becoming art directors. The course goal is to provide a broad training that combines advanced training in graphic design and profound knowledge in relevant fields – typography, photography, advertising, marketing, branding, project management etc.


Marketing & Brand Management
This one-year course is designed for students interested in a career in marketing and advertising, for CEOs, marketing managers, brand managers and creative directors seeking best practices for effective management of brands to create and increase value-added products and services.


Бизнес в индустрии моды (Fashion Business)
The Fashion Business programme lasts 1 academic year and is aimed at those who want to realise their leadership qualities in this attractive and ever-growing sphere. The course allows you to transform a love of fashion into a real profession and to gain the necessary skills for running a label in contemporary fashion industries, creating your own fashion business, be it launching a new brand on the market or opening a boutique, or receiving a position in sales or the production of clothes, shoes, and accessories.


This 2-year (4-semester) course has been designed for beginners and more experienced photographers. The principles of photography are covered both in theory and practice and students are encouraged to pursue a personal approach to their work. The photography programme emphasises professionalism and industry relevance. The tutors and visiting lecturers are practising photographers or potential employers from the media industries.


Interactive Design and New Media
This 2-year (4-semester) course was developed by leading designers of the Artemy Lebedev Studio and the staff of the British School of Art and Design (Moscow). Practising designers specialising in graphic or/and interactive design are welcome.


Mobile Application Design
The course is intended for designers and art directors who are willing to get the necessary experience in creating engaging mobile applications. This is a brand new training programmes for creative professionals who will lead the projects in developing and bringing a wide variety of applications to the global market. The course is focused on the final result: the participants will learn how to create, to test and to run a user-friendly mobile application within several steps.


Стайлинг в индустрии моды (Fashion Styling)
Fashion speaks through images. Stylists drive this process. These people possess an outstanding sense of style. The Styling course is tailored for true fashion lovers, for people with great interest in all things fashionable, not only clothes. In the framework of the syllabus the creation of style is considered in terms of forming the whole image: from the photoshoot and organising a fashion show to window dress design and public relations.


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